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Stories about HANOS

45 Years of new openings, extensions, additions and improvements: this gives rise to special stories. For example, read about the origin and developments of our own game meat company or the story behind the beginnings of our own wine import, which has today resulted in a range of some 4,000 different wines.

Eind '80

Our Select private label

Since its inception in the late 80s, our Select private label can be found in the non-food department of your wholesaler, products of the HANOS private label. Products with competitive prices and of a quality comparable to A-brands.

You will not only encounter the HANOS label on standard items, but also on innovative products. Everything to make the most of your menu.

HANOS 45 Years

Our wine import

Our wine import. Over a 45-year period, the wine assortment has grown into an unprecedented range of diversity. In 1989, we started importing ourselves. Initially, with a limited number of suppliers from France, soon followed by Italy and Spain. With the emergence of wines from the new world, our imports expanded rapidly: from South Africa to New Zealand and from China to Peru. Because of our long history of contacts throughout the world, HANOS has been able to select unique wines for you. The result is an assortment of some 4,000 different wines.

HANOS 45 Years

About the game meat factory

Way back, our poultry department started out with a small workbench with display inside the wholesaler. With the creation of the game meat factory in 1991, the possibilities of processing game meat increased considerably. Today, the factory runs at full capacity and even runs out of space at times. The catering landscape changes continuously and thanks to our game meat factory, we continue to be front runners with the selection of game products that we offer to our customers.

HANOS 45 Years

Our wholesalers in Belgium

Our wholesalers in Belgium. In 2004, HGC Rennes and HANOS embarked on an international collaboration. This was initially done in the Antwerp branch by way of an extension in square metres and in assortment. In 2009, HGC-HANOS established a second wholesaler in Hasselt.

As a result, HGC-HANOS has grown into a permanent fixture in the Flemish catering landscape.

HANOS 45 Yearst

More stories about HANOS

Stories of the past 45 years

Stories about our suppliers

Since the inception of HANOS in 1975, we work in close collaboration with the best suppliers to provide you with the finest products. Read more about the creation of our relationship with suppliers such as Bolsius, Unilever Food Solutions and Heiploeg.

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Stories of the past 45 years

Stories about our partnerships

Over the past 45 years, HANOS has formed special partnerships. Together with these, we are able to offer you a total solution. We would like to highlight the background of some of our special relationships. Discover how the collaboration came about with e.g. Kaja, Van Gestel and catering meat wholesaler van der Zee.

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Since 1975, we are fully committed to support our customers with fine products, expertise and personal service and with an aim to surprise and inspire. We would like to celebrate this special jubilee with you! We have celebration offers and surprises for you in store throughout this year. In addition, we have some interesting stories to relate to you about the past 45 years at HANOS.

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