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Stories about our suppliers

Since the inception of HANOS in 1975, we work in close collaboration with the best suppliers to provide you with the finest products. Read more about the creation of our relationship with suppliers such as Bolsius, Unilever Food Solutions and Heiploeg.



In 1870, Antonius Bolsius started producing candles. Since the early days of HANOS in 1975, Bolsius candles have formed an integral part of our range. Whereas the first order consisted of a number of boxes of table candles for one branch in Apeldoorn, these days Bolsius supplies full truckloads to twenty international wholesale establishments. Together, HANOS and Bolsius are in pursuit of the finest quality and together we make sure that you can create the appropriate mood lighting for your table.


Unilever Food Solutions

IIn 1976, HANOS and Producto, now Unilever Food Solutions, made their first inroads into their collaboration. This collaboration has always been extremely close and productive. The culinary advisors of HANOS and Unilever Food Solutions work closely together, for instance. All of this is done with the aim of creating the best products for our customers. It started out with the well known brands of Unox and Calvé. These were later joined by brands as Lipton, Knorr and Hellmann's.

Unilever | Samenwerkingen met leveranciers | HANOS 45 Jaar

Van Geloven

As early as the third issue of the HANOS Courant (1996), we wrote about our wonderful relationship with Van Geloven. They have been producing quality frozen snacks since the 1960s. In addition to the statutory quality requirements, Van Geloven also operates in accordance with several criteria that guarantee a quality product with honest ingredients.

Ad van Geloven | Samenwerkingen met leveranciers | HANOS 45 Jaar


Since 1993, HANOS and KitchenAid work in close collaboration, a collaboration which focusses on the premium assortment for the professional. KitchenAid is 100 year old this year and has been producing the well known blender since forever and a day. This was initially the major contributor to their growth. Their range has extended considerably since those days. HANOS and KitchenAid share their passion for the catering sector and together they are responsible for a range of quality and durable products.

KitchenAid | Samenwerkingen met leveranciers | HANOS 45 Jaar


Heiploeg has been supplying directly to HANOS since 1996. The collaboration has always been close, the perfect base to build on in future. In the early years, the assortment comprised a limited selection, which has been extended a great deal over the years. Today, Heiploeg provides some 36 different items.
Heiploeg | Samenwerkingen met leveranciers | HANOS 45 Jaar


It is already 15 years ago that HANOS entered into an exclusive collaboration with Musetti. This collaboration forms part of our HANOS coffee concepts. Together we are constantly evolving to further perfect the Musetti concept. The result of this is a range with several types of coffee; from espresso beans to pods. Our collaboration has a clear mission: to take the burden away from our customers.

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Stories of the past 45 years

Stories about HANOS

45 Years of new openings, extensions, additions and improvements: this gives rise to special stories. For example, read about the origin and developments of our own game meat company or the story behind the beginnings of our own wine import, which has today resulted in a range of some 4,000 different wines.

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Stories of the past 45 years

Stories about our partnerships

Over the past 45 years, HANOS has formed special partnerships. Together with these, we are able to offer you a total solution. We would like to highlight the background of some of our special relationships. Discover how the collaboration came about with e.g. Kaja, Van Gestel and catering meat wholesaler van der Zee.

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Since 1975, we are fully committed to support our customers with fine products, expertise and personal service and with an aim to surprise and inspire. We would like to celebrate this special jubilee with you! We have celebration offers and surprises for you in store throughout this year. In addition, we have some interesting stories to relate to you about the past 45 years at HANOS.

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