Herbs and sauces: international flavourings

Spices have been traded since the Middle Ages and it's difficult to imagine a kitchen without them. These days, it's partially up to the wholesalers to decide which herbs, dried fruits and spices are available on the market. We select the best flavourings from all over the world, especially for our customers, to enrich their dishes.
Sauces can also add a little extra to your meals. Our assortment includes the best products to create your own, unique sauces with. But chefs who prefer ready-made sauces have plenty to choose from, too.

Soup: a dish of all times

Soup, in all its variations, is a dish of all times and a popular item on every menu. Soup comes in a wide variety of brands and flavours. HANOS is always searching for the best recipes, ingredients and ready-made soups, at home and abroad. To ensure that you'll be able to serve new and interesting, high-quality soups all the time.

Pick something from our wide range of groceries

This page offers a clear overview of our assortment of groceries, arranged per product category. Whatever the occasion, HANOS supplies you with the appropriate products. All you need to do is order.