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Become a customer

How can I become a HANOS customer?

If you'd like to purchase goods at HANOS, you must have a HANOS Wereldpas membership card. Apply now for a HANOS membership card online or at the reception in one of our wholesale stores. Please bring a valid ID as well as proof that your company is registered with a Chamber of Commerce when you apply for a HANOS membership card. Your application will be treated with utmost care. Please note that not all applications are approved. Once your application has been accepted, you can collect your HANOS membership card at the HANOS wholesale store of your choice within 7 working days. Want to become a customer? Apply for your HANOS Wereldpas membership card online now.

Can I become a customer if my business is located outside the Netherlands?

Yes, if your business is located abroad, you can still apply for a HANOS membership card. You can do this in the nearest HANOS wholesale store. In order to complete your application, you will need a valid ID as well as a copy of your registration with the relevant VAT administration.

Can anyone become a HANOS customer?

No, HANOS membership cards are only provided to professionals who want to use the products from the HANOS assortment for commercial purposes. To obtain a HANOS membership card, you need to be registered with a Chamber of Commerce.

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Press & Sponsorship

How can I submit a request for press activities and/or sponsorships?

Please use the contact form submit a request to submit a request regarding press activities and/or sponsorships.

Work for HANOS

What's it like to work for HANOS?

Working with HANOS means working in a dynamic environment. Every day is different. There's a no-nonsense culture and plenty of opportunities to develop your career in a direction that you like. Our organisation has plenty of growth opportunities for employees who show their skills, initiative, courage and entrepreneurship. To increase the feeling of collective responsibility and a good work atmosphere, almost all of the HANOS wholesale stores have a staff association which organises a wide range of activities. Many of them are focused on team building and collegiality. In short, we always try to be a good employer and hope that our employees will feel at home and stimulated in their personal development. What we ask in return is that all colleagues try their best at delivering our recipe for customer service: friendliness, commitment, helpfulness, product knowledge, positive mentality and atmosphere.

What are the current vacancies at HANOS?

For all current vacancies, please have a look at working with HANOS.

Working with HANOS on social media?

You can find working with HANOS on Facebook too: have a look at the current vacancies.

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Selling my product through HANOS

Is it possible to sell my product through HANOS? (suppliers only)

Please submit your request via the add my product to the HANOS assortment form.


What are allergens?

Allergens are proteins that can cause an allergic reaction. Certain ingredients might contain allergens. In accordance with European Union regulations, the ingredients that can cause the most common allergic reactions must be listed on all food labels.

What are the guidelines for listing allergens?

Food labels:
All allergens must be listed on the label, regardless the amount and purpose. This also applies to ingredients that are merely added as processing agents during production.


What does the HANOS assortment consist of?

The HANOS assortment consists of around 120,000 items, which can be divided into food, non-food and fresh products. Our fresh produce department includes meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetables, game and poultry. Each wholesale store offers a broad standard assortment, supplemented with local products from the region of that specific store.

Does HANOS have seasonal assortments?

Our buyers keep a close eye on seasonal products and trends. This way we can expand our regular assortment with a wide range of seasonal products.

Price information

Are all prices shown including or excluding VAT?

All prices displayed in our wholesale stores and in online and offline communication exclude VAT.

HANOS brands

What can I expect of the HANOS brands?

Our own brands are always an excellent choice. We maintain a strong focus on quality, diversity, costs and thinking along with the customer. Our own HANOS brands are solid brands. They are characterised by their competitive prices and the quality of our own brands, also referred to as private labels, is comparable to that of the premium brands.

Food / Fresh:
Our private label for the various food product groups is called HANOS Selektie. Our JUMBO label is used mainly for the fast service assortment, which includes a variety of snacks, salads and condiments.

In the non-food department, you can find our private label HANOS Select. We sell high quality products for the kitchen under the name Select Cuisine. Select Dinnerware is used for our range of tableware and our own brand HANOS Collection is used for high quality indoor and outdoor furniture.

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Delivery service

Does HANOS offer a delivery service?

Yes, in certain cases it's possible to have your purchases delivered by HANOS. A number of conditions apply, such as a minimum order size. Would you like to have your products delivered? Please contact oyour nearest HANOS wholesale store. We'd be happy to discuss the options with you!

Vehicle fleet

What does HANOS's vehicle fleet look like?

HANOS has its own logistics department. All HANOS drivers are employed by us. With a vehicle fleet consisting of around 300 lorries, we're able to deliver throughout the Netherlands every day of the year. All lorries are fully air conditioned, which means that we can deliver your entire order, including refrigerated and frozen products, all in one go.

The environment

When it comes to transport, is there any attention for social responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are strongly integrated in HANOS's business model. It's important that businesses working with natural, fresh products take their responsibility and set a good example. With this in mind, HANOS fitted all its vans with solar panels. These solar panels provide the energy that's needed to cool the freight in the vans. This strongly reduces the emissions of the vans.

When the use of solar panels on our vans proved successful, we decided in to apply the same technique on our lorries too.

Export options

Do you also export products?

This depends on a number of factors. Ask for the commercial manager of your nearest HANOS wholesaler and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Payment & Warranties

Request a copy of your invoice

How can I request a copy of my invoice?

Would you like a copy of your invoice? Please complete the invoice copy contact form or visit your local HANOS wholesale store.

Payment options

Which payment options are available in the HANOS wholesale stores?

You can use cash or a debit card in all our wholesale stores. Regular customers are also offered the option of paying through direct debit.

Can I pay by credit card in the HANOS wholesale stores?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments by credit card in our wholesale stores.


What is VAT?

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax charged on the sale of goods and services. There are a number of different rates. The applicable rate depends on the type of product or service that's sold.

Which products are in the (low) 9% VAT-rate category and which are in the (high) 21% category?

All products that are considered basic needs, including food products and non-alcoholic drinks, belong to the 9% category. All other goods are in the 21% category.

Are the prices displayed on the shelves and/or in the web shop including or excluding VAT?

The prices shown are always excluding VAT.


Does HANOS provide any extensive warranties?

No, HANOS does not provide any further warranties than those provided by the supplier and/or producer of the relevant product.

What happens when the relevant supplier doesn't offer a warranty?

In the event that a supplier and/or producer don't provide any warranties in general, HANOS will guarantee that the relevant product has the qualities that may reasonably be expected, during a period that may reasonably be expected, for such a product. This period shall in no case be longer than 6 months. This guarantee only applies when the product is used appropriately, in accordance with the valid instructions for that particular product. In the event that a product turns out to be faulty within the guarantee period, the customer shall return it to HANOS immediately. HANOS will then arrange for the repair or replacement of the faulty product. HANOS shall not be obliged to any further warranties than this. HANOS is not, under any circumstances, obliged to pay compensation damages for potential faults in products during the warranty period.

Please check the General Terms and Conditions for any further information regarding warranty conditions. General Terms and Conditions

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HANOS wholesale stores

Visit a wholesale store

What do I need to enter a HANOS wholesale store?

Every time you visit a HANOS wholesale store, you'll need to scan your membership card at the designated electronic gates.

Can I bring any people with me when I visit a HANOS wholesale store?

The HANOS membership card allows a maximum of 2 people to enter the store; at least one of them must be registered as a buyer on that particular membership card.

Does my HANOS membership card allow me to purchase in any HANOS wholesale store?

Yes, with your HANOS membership card you can enter all our wholesale stores.

I forgot to bring my HANOS membership card...

In the event that you forget to bring your HANOS membership card, you must show a valid ID-card at the reception, after which you will be given a HANOS day card.

Can I bring a bag inside a HANOS wholesale store?

The only type of bags allowed inside our wholesale stores are small handbags. Any other bags can be safely stored in a locker.

Opening hours

How can I find out what the opening hours of HANOS wholesale stores are?

Our opening hours are listed here.

Do you have special opening hours during the holiday season?

HANOS wholesale stores often have special opening hours during the holiday season. Please find them here.

Are the opening hours the same for all HANOS wholesale stores?

The opening hours can differ per location.

Contacting a HANOS wholesale store

Where can I find the contact details for my HANOS wholesale store?

You can find the contact details for your HANOS wholesale store here..

Children & pets

Can I bring my children with me to a HANOS wholesale store?

You can bring children with you, as long as they are supervised at all times. For safety reasons, running and/or skating inside our wholesale stores is prohibited.

Can I bring my pet with me to a HANOS wholesale store?

Pets are not allowed inside HANOS wholesale stores (with the exception of guide and assistance dogs)

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Communication & Activities

HANOS Courant

What is the HANOS Courant/Gazet?

The HANOS Courant is a magazine for the catering industry and corporate market, that we publish on a regular basis. The HANOS Courant offers lots of interesting information with regards to special offers as well as inspiration for your business.

Unsubscribe from the HANOS Courant/Gazet

Digital newsletter

What are the digital newsletters?

We can send you our digital newsletters upon request. Please indicate which newsletters you'd like to receive. Choices include updates on our weekly specials from the fresh food department, the latest news from our wholesale stores, the latest trends & inspiration or information about our activities.

Registering for our newsletter

I no longer wish to receive the newsletter

Are you no longer interested in receiving our newsletter? You can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the digital newsletter.

HANOS activities

What kind of activities does HANOS organise?

HANOS organises masterclasses, demonstrations, open days, tasting sessions and other interesting events for professionals in the catering industry, throughout the year. The purpose of these activities is to inform, inspire and stimulate our customers. Participation in these activities is limited to HANOS members.

How can I register for a masterclass or other event?

Almost all activities are free of charge and are organised on a number of different days in various wholesale stores. Please check our website (activities are published here) and/or the HANOS Courant for the latest news and most recent event calendar.

Registering for a masterclass or activity

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Other questions


What is HANOS?

HANOS is more than just an international wholesale store for the catering industry. We provide not only all your catering needs but also your culinary inspiration and knowledge under one roof. In 1975 the first HANOS wholesaler opened its doors: HANOS Apeldoorn. Our head office is still located opposite this wholesale store. Since the opening of this first wholesale store, HANOS has developed into an extensive wholesale organisation, with 17 branches in the Netherlands as well as some stores in Belgium.

HANOS quality:
Our philosophy is straightforward: affordable quality in the broadest sense of the word. HANOS puts a strong emphasis on Customer Service; we try our best to help you with any questions about our products, but we also like to provide you with professional, culinary knowledge and inspiration throughout the seasons. Our assortment, consisting of more than 120,000 products from the Netherlands and abroad, closely follows the demand of our customers in the catering industry. .

Culinary innovation and exclusive products:
Our buyers are always working hard to renew and expand our assortment. They keep track of the latest market developments and they work closely together with our culinary advisers. Together, they make sure that our assortment always maintains its top quality, since this is how we differentiate ourselves.

Terms and conditions

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

Read our general terms and conditions here..

Ordering through

How can I order through

Please log in using your personal login details. Online ordering is currently limited to our 'delivery customers' only. Any questions? Please contact your account manager or check the manual.

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