How it all started

HANOS. The beginning. Opening of the first wholesale store in Apeldoorn.
Opening HANOS Zwolle.
In order to provide customers with more expertise in the field of kitchen appliances, the professional kitchen appliances company Van Gestel became a HANOS partner.

Opening of HANOS Venlo, the first store in the south of the Netherlands.
Opening HANOS Nijmegen.
HANOS opens a wholesale store in Amsterdam and becomes an important national player.
Opening HANOS Valkenburg.
Opening HANOS Doetinchem.
In order to provide customers with more expertise in the field of design and interior, the interior design company Kaja Interieurs became a HANOS partner.

Opening HANOS Groningen.
Opening HANOS Haarlem.
Opening HANOS Wommelgem. HANOS becomes an international company. The 10th wholesale store is their first Belgian branch.

Opening HANOS Heerenveen, the 11th wholesale store.
Opening HANOS Texel.

Opening HANOS Heerlen.
Opening HANOS Eindhoven.
Opening of the second HANOS wholesale store in Belgium. In addition to the branch in Antwerpen, there's now also a branch in Hasselt.

Acquisition of wholesaler ISPC.
HANOS starts partnerships with fresh fish trader Jan van As and wine importer Fourcroy.
HANOS vans are fitted with solar panels. The solar panels on the vans provide energy to cool the freight. This strongly reduces the emissions of the vans. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility become strongly integrated in HANOS's business model.

HANOS was one of the parties involved in the launch of the 'Ik kOOK Bewust' campaign. The aim of the campaign is to stimulate the use of sustainable products in the catering industry.
The existing collaborations with meat supplier Van der Zee and (health)care catering wholesaler Distrivers are turned into full partnerships.
Opening of Studio Senses in Zwolle.

Following on to the successful use of solar panels on the vans, the first lorries are equipped with the same technology this year.
Opening HANOS Den Haag-Delft. With a second Studio Senses upstairs, following on to the success of the first branch in Zwolle.

Partnership with Ebo van den Bor.
HANOS makes a start with digitalisation by publishing a new website, starting the online inspiration platform FoodXperience and by launching a new online ordering environment.

Launch of the online inspiration platform FoodXperience.

Restyling HANOS Utrecht: with the new design, HANOS Utrecht is better adapted to the catering industry of the future. An environment with a strong focus on food experience, innovation and a very diverse assortment.
Timeline HANOS